Peter Maxwell Davies
Posted on Apr 4th 2016.

The Mayfield Singers were extremely sad to learn of the death of Max.  He was a good friend to us, having written pieces for us to perform in the past.

When we were rehearsing “A Hoy Calendar”, Neil Price had a discussion with Max as to whether the language in which he was writing had an effect on on his compositional style.  Max went away and thought about this conversation and then came back a few days later with a new composition for us – “Una balena azzura”, which is part of the text of “A Hoy Calendar” but in Italian!  It was a completely different musical composition.

The Mayfields were also privileged to give the first performance of Suscipe Quaesumus in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall on 18 July 2005 at the wedding of Lucy Rendall, of “Lullaby for Lucy” fame.

He is greatly missed.

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